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Everybody declares nowadays to pursuit quality. Menci has made it, from the very beginning, a raison d’être.

MENCI listens to the market needs, studies advanced solutions, makes every effort: all this in order to create products of high quality and reliability. In every detail. And it succeeds thanks to a technology and a processing capability which are unique, developed over years of successes and constantly verified and kept up to date. This is Menci company philosophy. An absolute dedication to the cause of global quality that led the company to the top of the European markets for semi-trailers and bulk feed tanks. A mission that involves every stage of the business process.

Force Points

  • Market analysis: to understand the emerging needs, resolve customer problems, meet the new regulations.
  • Research and development: to offer always the best in terms of materials and technological solutions, both in mechanical and plant engineering.
  • Production: work centres for robotic welding of main components, innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality and ISO 9001 compliance of the products.
  • Design: extreme attention for every detail, for products that are aesthetically perfect, beautiful to see as very good to use.
  • After-sale services: to be always on the side of your work with two specialised centres in Padua and Castiglion Fiorentino and an extensive network of authorised workshops throughout the Italian territory.